The L & L Story

I was born into a family of jewelers but my passion growing up was to be a scientist. So, I studied to be one and ended up doing Cancer research for five years. I enjoyed those challenging years, always trying to solve problems and chasing after solutions. Although very rewarding, I wanted to get out from behind the test tubes into the real world.

The first and the obvious choice was the world of diamonds and fine jewelry. Because I grew up in it and constantly part of it through family and relatives. Even though, the two fields being very different crossed my mind, deep down I knew creating custom Fine Jewelry was very much like cancer research. Both fields were precision oriented, both would demand hard work, attention to details and required creativity to come up with new solutions to make the existing work/designs better, ultimately elevate them to a higher level of beauty and/or functionality.

Reflecting back now, I think these two fields are much closer than I ever thought would be. Both starts with human emotions and try to satisfy a need that is extremely important to our very existence as human beings. In a universe where love is the beginning of everything and makes the world turn. Cancer research has a noble place and it was very satisfying for the greater good and love for humanity. I realized Fine Jewelry was dealing with similar emotions toward a very specific individual. Fine Jewelry is the ultimate symbol of love for another human being, and a token of our commitment to our special one we choose from amongst million others.

tale behind the Name

As a fine jewelry designer, I feel blessed that I am part of a defining moment in my clients’ life and the love they share for one another. My wife, Miray who is helping me with everything and anything you can think of gives me in depth understanding of how much can two person achieve when they love each other. Our two beautiful daughters, Leah and Laetitia are the fruits of our shared commitment to one another.

So, when we were looking for a name, it was only natural to think of our love’s blessed fruits Leah and Laetitia. Thus, we adopted the name of L and L Jewelry. In every Engagement Ring or Wedding band we make for our clients, it is my believe that this love is extended and paves the way for more blessings in our clients’ life.

I and Miray have always believed that the best way to cherish and grow our love for one another is communication. We believe that the best way to make the perfect ring for our clients is also through communication. So we try to keep the channels open and always be there for our clients. Listen to their needs, wants, aspirations and create the perfect symbol of love for them. As a testament to this achievement, we stamp our rings with Lots of Love the name of our blessings Leah & Laetitia……

-Abraham M. Sahdo

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